Plating is a thin layer of precious metal over a base metal piece. Some pieces can hold the plating for a very long time, however, the friction against your skin and other elements will wear it off over a period of time after which you can invest in another plating. The longevity of the plating can last many years depending on how well you look after your pieces. 

Avoid getting it wet with soap, cosmetics, water and sweat as much as you can. Remove it at night to avoid rubbing it on your skin and against the fabric and try not to wear it in contact with other jewellery. For storing, separate it from other jewellery in a dry place.



Silver and brass both tarnish easily in contact with oxygen, water, cosmetics and sulphur. Wearing your jewellery often helps prevent it and usually a polish cloth will suffice.

 Brass can be a little harder to clean. If so, make a paste with the juice of half a lemon and 1 tsp of baking soda, rub the mixture on your jewellery in one direction with a cloth or toothbrush until clean. Wipe off the paste and rinse and pat dry.